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World Aurum AG The Company

The World Aurum AG group which operates worldwide was founded shortly after the beginning
of the new millennium.

Due to the high global demand for WA precious metals, the World Aurum AG was founded in
Stuttgart, Germany. A part of the World Aurum AG has already been operating for over
10 years, aiming to extend the trading centrally.

More than 50 employees in the headquarters of World Aurum AG in Stuttgart guarantee that
all worldwide orders are executed trouble-free.

Every day, our staff search for new resources to be able to cover the ever-rising demand
for World Aurum gold, and to guarantee for each of our individual client’s personal quantity of
precious metals.

The World Aurum AG is not only delivering but also purchasing precious metals. This
provides our clients with the opportunity of changing their precious metals into other
currencies at any time. It goes without saying that our day’s highest prices form the

Please do not hesitate to ask for further modalities.