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World Aurum AG Trends

Money dominates our daily life. The ones that possesses just a few things, desire to own
more. The one who already has money is eager to secure and protect it. But how? Learn
from the wealthy people and take advantage of their secret. Gold has been known all
over the world for 2,600 years, but only in the form of gold ingots is it recognized as a
means of payment in 194 countries.

What has to be considered when exchanging gold?

Currency gold bars in small units are the only and the best assurance, in case
something unexpected occurs, because gold cannot “go bankrupt“.

Gold will never lose its value. Currency gold bars are the only way to protect capital,
when everything else “goes down the drain“.

Currency gold bars in small units can easily be exchanged into other values or goods,
although it would be impossible to do so with bigger units. In addition to that, there is
the quality of producing gold ingots

World Aurum AG developed one of the best certificates worldwide for its gold ingots.
The ingots are sealed in a blister, which comes in the form of a check card. The card
shows a hologram, similar to an Optically Variable Device (OVD) at its reverse side.
Whether you hold the card under boiling water, whether you bury it or leave it to the
forces of nature – the certificate remains in its original form. Therefore World Aurum AG
grants you a lifelong conversion right in the unlikely event the certificate gets damaged.

Gold ingots in small units guarantee you...

- an absolute stable value
- a crisis-proof investment
- an inflation-proof investment
- constant ability to act in 194 countries
- no loss in material value, as gold is resistant to the damaging impacts of time
  (e.g. rust)

Gold ingots in smallest units make you independent and free!