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World Aurum AG press releases

In May 2011 World Aurum AG opens its doors to the licensing business. In the future the
company will offer partnerships, restricted to no more than 20,000 partnerships for a small circle.

The idea behind the partnerships is just as easy as effective:

World Aurum AG will reinforce its international representation, new and bigger markets will open
up, and the partnerships will exist all over the world and will create a global network of gold
purchasers and gold sellers.

As a licensee, you will be provided with an individual internet presence and registered to your
personal name. It entitles you to sell products of World Aurum AG and to become active in
global gold trading.

Furthermore the company grants a special bonus, resulting from the worldwide turnover of  
World Aurum AG.

The principle of “achieving more together“ is the incentive for World Aurum AG to go public with
its partnerships, as the company can take a stand in the top positions in the entire gold trading

The constantly rising gold prices due to a seemingly never-ending demand for gold have made it
a very high-yielding investment. Especially in electronics, gold is as popular as never before.
Owing to its high conductance, in contrast to copper and others the conductor paths on almost
all circuit boards of mobile phones are nowadays made out of gold.

The fact that gold is inflation proof and can’t be reprinted financial insurance. As planet earth’s
gold reserves will slowly run out. The industries will cover is another advantage of using gold as
a their demand and the gold price will constantly rise.