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Gold - The Source of Life

Gold has been the sign of power, affluence and prosperity ever since.
For thousands of years it has been used as a means of payment worldwide to this day!
More than ever, gold contributes to safeguard currencies and to provide for the solvency of the
individual countries.

The globally rising demand for gold, in the private and industrial field, exhausts the resources
increasingly. This leads to a more and more complicated extraction of raw materials and therefore
it increases the prices for precious metals continuously.

World Aurum AG has specialized in the international trade of precious metals and their safe custody
in strongrooms and safes.

Besides fair and reasonable purchase prices and sales prices, World Aurum AG offers you an online
depot for precious metals for building up your own capital.

Take advantage of our global trade network, to obtain or build up your own gold holdings.

Hedge your risks with World Aurum AG, the expert for precious metals.

Welcome to the world of World Aurum AG's precious metals.